71% of organizations say their leaders are not ready to lead their organizations into the future.¹

Only 18% of HR professionals rate their leadership bench strength as strong or very strong.²

70% of the variance between lousy, good and great cultures can be found in the knowledge, skills and talent of the team leader.³

Leadership matters.

What are you doing about it?

Alain Hunkins has been designing and delivering leadership development programs for over two decades.  He’s gained first-hand insights into every industry, working with hundreds of thousands of leaders from front line employees to CEOs and their executive teams. 

An expert in adult learning and group facilitation, Alain customizes every program to make it:

· Interactive
· Engaging
· Relevant
· Practical
· Immediately Applicable

Leadership Training Topics Include:

· Improving Communication
· Strengthening Relationships
· Leader as Coach
· Unleashing Motivation
· Eliminating Complexity
· Building Trust
· Growing Credibility
· Effective Presentation Skills
· Facilitation Skills for Leaders

To discuss your leadership development needs, contact us.

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