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Unleash the X Factor:
Transforming Your Company Culture

Peter Drucker once famously wroteᅠ "Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast."
Culture is the fishbowl in which your company swims: it’s invisible, but impacts everything.
Culture is best defined as “how we do things around here”.

Your company culture is influenced by many things.
On the external face, there are the policies, structures, processes, incentives and procedures.  Internally, there are the assumptions, mindsets, beliefs and behaviors of employees and leaders.

What influence do these elements have on “how things are done around here”?
 Who chose which things are most important?  Do you know what it will take to transform the current culture to impact the future?

If you want to transform the culture, you begin with the personal transformation of the leaders. Companies don’t transform. People do.

Unleash the X Factor
 provides a roadmap for leaders to cultivate a high-engagement, high-performance work culture, where people and relationships come first, and results and profits follow.

In Unleash the X Factor, your audience will learn:


The key elements of a company culture.

Where culture comes from.

How culture impact results.

The biggest impediments to successful culture transformation.

What today’s employees expect of a high-performance culture.

What leaders need to do to successfully transform a culture.

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