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If you ask CEOs “Do you people perform better when they are fully engaged at work?”, they’ll look at you’ve just asked them the stupidest question ever.

Of course they do.

When you follow up and ask “So what are you doing to ensure that your people are fully engaged at work?”

Uncomfortable silence.

Research (made most famous by the Gallup organization) has shown that the #1 factor that determines engagement at work:  an employee’s relationship with their direct supervisor.

Leadership matters.

Alain Hunkins

has been designing and delivering leadership development programs for close to two decades, transforming thousands of supervisors, managers, and executives.  Our practical, relevant programs are built for how adults naturally learn, so your leaders will be developing while immersed in a thoroughly engaged, interactive environment.


What Sets Alain’s Leadership Programs apart:

Many training companies are like wineries, who say “My wine is the only wine worth drinking, everyone else’s is garbage.”

The fact is there’s a lot of good training content out there.  If leadership effectiveness was as simple as ingesting content, the world would have a glut of terrific leaders.

Leadership training isn’t just about content.  The first priority needs to be context: focusing on your industry, company, people and culture, to drive your business forward. Alain’s approach helps you to first frame your organizational context, and define your company’s leadership needs within that frame.


 How We Build Our Programs:

Design and Deliver


Begin with the end (results) in mind.

Focus on highest value behaviors.

Address affective, cognitive and psychomotor learning domains.
(Attitude, knowledge and skill.)

Use company/team specifics to increase relevance and value.

Understanding Your Needs


What results do you want to achieve?

What behaviors drive your business?

What’s the current reality?

What needs to change?

Contact Us To Discuss Your Training Needs