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Alain Hunkins "Truth about Trust" video

The Truth About Trust:
6 Proven Ways to Lead in the Age of Transparency
As we dive deeper into the information age, the nature of work has changed.  It used to be that leaders and managers were the keepers of information.  Now, anyone with  an internet connection has equal access.

 How has this evolution changed the nature of leadership?
Recent global studies cite that the most important qualities that leaders need to succeed are collaboration and communication:  the bedrock of trust.

Everyone knows: Trust Matters.
Teams  that trust each other outperform teams that don’t.   High trust organizations
have more engaged employees than those that don’t, and engagement drives productivity.

The challenge for leaders is how do you "Do" Trust?
You don’t.
Trust isn’t something that you do; it’s something that comes as the result of a series of proven principles and practices.

In The Truth About Trust, your audience will discover the 6 Power Practices to build long-term sustainable business relationships grounded in trust:


The practice of getting input upfront

The practice of context and rationale in decision making

The practice of self-disclosure

The practice self-aware feedback

The practice of values alignment

The practice of creating a shared vision

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