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Boost without burnout:
Unlocking the strategies for sustainable success

Got Mojo?

Wondering where it went to?

According to the Gallup organization, only 30% of US employees feel engaged at work. 
If that wasn’t enough, a Harvard Medical School study recently surveyed a random sample of 72 senior leaders and found that
nearly all of them reported at least some signs of burnout and that all of them noted at least one cause of burnout at work.

In this age of leaner and meaner, the treadmill seems to
get faster and faster.

What’s a leader to do?

How does a leader sustain their drive, as well as the drive of the people they lead?

In Boost without Burnout, your audience will learn about the 4 tested traits to
create sustainable success:


  1. Physiology: The primary human power plant
  2. Mind: How focus sharpens (or dulls) effectiveness
  3. Emotions: The force behind the “fluff”
  4. Purpose: The hidden driver of performance

Boost without Burnout examines the causes of this burnout epidemic:


  • The Interruption Age
  • The growth of the “technololeash”
  • Industrial Age organizational models in a Post-Industrial World
  • The “busy” badge of honor

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