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Anxiety to Assurance:
The 5 Keys to Achieving Authentic Confidence
We’re having a confidence crisis.  According to psychological research, 70% of all people feel like impostors at one time or another, and two out of five successful people consider themselves frauds. Even Albert Einstein suffered from a lack of confidence.

Leadership is a relationship.
When leaders are not confident, the people they lead know it, and it handicaps their ability to lead effectively.

Confidence isn’t an inborn trait.
It's not genetic like height or eye color.  Confidence is a skill that can be learned, but learning it goes way beyond “fake it ‘til you make it”.

In Anxiety to Assurance, your people will explore the 5 secrets to achieving authentic confidence:

  1. Commitment:  Confidence starts with belief. 
    Where do your beliefs about your leadership come from? 
    How can you change them?
  2. Congruence: Confidence is kindled through an alignment
    of values.  How in integrity are you with who you say you are?
  3. Competence: Confidence develops when skills are practiced and reinforced.  How deliberately do you practice, and what do you gain in each practice session?
  4. Consistency:  Confidence grows when there’s momentum.  How have you created routines to make your confidence practices automatic?
  5. Company: Confidence is reinforced in the presence of
     like-minded people.  What sort of company do you keep?

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