Your event is unique and complex.


 It consists of more than just keynotes speeches and breakout sessions.  You want every element to be of the highest quality.


Make your life easier—and your conference better—by letting us offer one or more of these additional services:

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  • Having a panel discussion?

    Panels can add great value to attendees, or, if they go off poorly, can, well, suck.*


    There’s more to a great panel discussion than just lining the stage with Senior people. Alain can partner with you to design the flow, prepare your panel attendees, and moderate the onstage discussion so that it’s guaranteed to hit a home run.


    *For Alain’s article on Panel Discussions:

     7 Tips On How to Make Them Not Suck

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  • Are you leading an interactive employee Town Hall, All-Hands Meeting or Executive Road Show?


    How would you define success?

    How will you design success?


    Alain has extensive experience designing moderating these events that can make or break your reputation as a leader and, more importantly, accelerate or thwart your attempts at organizational change.

  • Would you like to have your president, CEO, or other executive interviewed on stage by a pro?

    You want someone who is engaging, tactful, diplomatic, and keeps it real for your audience.   This “talk show” format is suitable particularly for senior leaders who are not polished presenters, but still need to shine for your audience.


    Alain is very experienced in partnering with leaders to excel in this format.

  • Alain makes his living by speaking in front of audiences.

    The executives at your conference may not be pro speakers, but you still want them to make a splash with your audience.

    Alain can work with your non-professional speakers to vastly improve their ability to connect with and communicate to your attendees.


    For the “just okay” speaker, Alain’s laser presentation skills coaching can make the difference between success and failure.

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